Norvet Review

Wake up to the heartbeat of beautiful Barcelona, in a modern luxurious apartment with an authentic Spanish feel.

Draw your curtains, open your windows, let in the fresh morning breeze - without lifting your head from your super-comfortable pillow.

No, you're not dreaming. When you own a smart-technology Norvet apartment in the heart of Barcelona, you'll get to enjoy the perfect combination of modern luxury and Spanish culture.

Not looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation home in Barcelona? You'll find that Norvet offers incredible real estate opportunities for foreign investors.

So what makes Norvet special? Norvet doesn't just renovate properties, Norvet hand-picks, preserves, and transforms historical properties into modern, stylish homes. Intrigued?

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  • All apartments in prime Barcelona locations

  • Modern apartments with unique Spanish character

  • Restored and preserved by specialist architects, designers, craftsmen and engineers

  • Smart home technology in each property

  • Get expert support every step of the way

  • All properties available off-plan


Each and every Norvet project is extraordinary with great care taken to preserve the original cultural charm of the property. Here are some of the features that make it Norvet properties unique:

  • Properties date back to the 18th century

  • In popular locations, like Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, the bohemian Gràcia district, in the energetic Poble Sec neighborhood and more

  • Apartment, lofts, duplexes, balconies, rooftops, terraces, pools are just some of the options you can choose from

Norvet lets you do a full 360-degree virtual tour of the apartments, so you can get a feel of the apartment.

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Who has the time to flit from place to place, finding the right overseas property? With Norvet, the furthest you have to travel is from your sofa to your laptop. The entire buying process can be done online and on the phone through developers you can trust. Here’s more or less how you would buy a Norvet property:

  • View available projects

  • Select apartment

  • Norvet specialist will contact you with more details

  • Simple purchase process without a lot of paperwork

  • Norvet provides expert consultations from beginning to end 


Every Norvet project is equipped with Norvet’s intelligent home management system, provided by their partner Buo Domotics. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, you'll have a total smart system throughout your apartment. With smart home technology you can:

  • Activate the lights

  • Open and close your windows, curtains and skylights

  • Adjust the room temperature

  • Open your gates

  • Control electronic equipment and appliances

  • Track any activity in your apartment

  • Instruct your system to heat your food and make you coffee! 

The smart home technology can even be activated when you're not home, via your smartphone. It also includes voice recognition and integrated GPS tracking.

Smart home technology not only makes your life easier, it's also energy efficient and helps you keep costs down. Sound tempting?


Norvet is a boutique property developer that finds, restores and renovates unique properties in prime Barcelona locations, turning them into modern, stylish homes. Norvet has been developing real estate in Barcelona since 2013 and currently offers over 70 unique apartments for sale. Want to find out how Norvet chooses its properties?

  • Hand-picks properties - The developers literally walk the bustling streets of Barcelona to find undiscovered property gems - buildings with character, buildings that have a story to tell, buildings with irresistible potential

  • Renovate - What makes Norvet special is that they don’t simply bash a building down and start over. They work with specialist craftsmen, architects and designers who painstainkingly preserve, restore and then create modern, luxury homes from the original masterpieces

  • Sell - Norvet doesn’t just sell apartments, they’ll help you find a second home or investment that you’ll fall in love with. But they don’t just stop there. They’ll see you throughout the entire process including helping you with the legal, financial, architectural and interior design aspects of your property.


We fell in love with Norvet because they’re not your run-of-the-mill property development company. Norvet properties are for those who are looking to invest in something really special. Each and every building is chosen with love and renovated with care.  

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