5 Tips for Choosing the Right Credit Card

No two credit cards are created equal. There are cards that offer cashback, miles, points, or discounts. But the differences don’t only lie in the rewards. Different cards also come with different requirements and fees. We’re here to help you choose the best credit card for you.


5 Tips For Choosing The Right Credit Card:

  1. What benefits do you want?
    If you travel often, then it’s logical to choose a travel points card, if not, then the cashback rewards are more suitable for you. Certain credit cards offer both as rewards.
  2. How do you spend?
    If you spend mainly on categories such as gas, online shopping and groceries, find a credit card that will give you rewards for these purchases. If not, we suggest you choose a flat-rate rewards card.
  3. What’s the minimum salary required?
    Credit cards have a minimum salary requirement. Obviously, you can only choose a credit card that you qualify for.
  4. Is the card accepted internationally?
    Most credit cards are accepted internationally, especially if you go for a Visa or MasterCard. Some may have certain limitations. Also, it’s a good idea to find out what the foreign transaction fees are on the card.
  5. What fees are charged?
    Cards have different types of fees – annual fees, local transaction fees, international transaction fees. Decide which fees structure works best for you and choose a credit card that fits your requirements.

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