Is Your Credit Card Saving You Money?

A dream come true, right? A credit card that saves you money.

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These are the top 5 ways your credit card could be saving you money:

1.Dining & Shopping

Many credit card companies offer tempting dining discounts. Eat out at a top restaurant and get a discount on your bill. You could even save up to 30% on your meal with the right credit card!
You can also get discounts every time you shop at selected stores using your rewards credit card. Some cards even offer grocery shopping discounts.

2. Travel

As much as 43% of all UAE credit cards offer free miles as a reward. Some cards offer miles as the main benefit of the card, while others offer free miles as an option to exchange for loyalty points. Miles could be redeemed with specific airline partners. Free miles don’t always apply only to air tickets. You could also get discounts or upgrades for other travel-related expenses. If you travel frequently, you should choose a credit card that offers miles.

3. Cashback

Cashback is one of the most popular credit card rewards, with over 42% of UAE credit cards offering this reward. Not every cashback card is the same though. They differ based on spending category. For example, depending on the card, the cashback could be higher for certain categories than for others, so work out where you mainly spend your money before choosing a card.

4. Movies

If you enjoy going out to movies, then you’ll love a credit card that offers movie discounts and Buy-One-Get-One-Free tickets. You can also get larger sized popcorn and drinks on some cards.

5. Luxury lifestyle privileges

Golf discounts, free valet parking, global airport lounge access are just some of the premium lifestyle privileges you can enjoy with a privilege reward card.

Want to save money while shopping? Choose your rewards credit card now and enjoy the savings!

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