5 Ways To Save Money On Your Car Insurance Right Now

Chances are you’re paying more for your car insurance than you should be. With the new UAE Car Insurance rules in place, now’s the best time to reassess your car insurance policy.


Do these 5 things and you could start saving money on your car insurance right now:

1. Compare insurance quotes

Get out of your comfort zone and start comparing car insurance quotes. You could save up to 50% in car insurance payments just by switching car insurance policies! Quickly compare car insurance options now>>

2. Purchase car insurance online

You can buy your car insurance online from a trustworthy insurer. Not only is this quicker and easier, it’s also cheaper. You can save up to 10% in premiums when you purchase car insurance online.

3. Choose only relevant add-ons

Car insurance policies come with many add-on options. It’s a good idea to choose the most important add-ons, such as roadside assistance and agency repair. You’ll be thankful for these when disaster strikes. Other extras may or may not be relevant to you, such as off-road coverage and GCC coverage.


4. Request a car valuation

Your car’s value could be overestimated, which means you could be paying higher premiums than you should. Depending on your policy, you could also lose out in the event of an accident – your insurer may be exempt from paying the value stated in the policy after discovering the car is actually worth less. Double whammy. Get your car revalued and choose a reasonable valuation, one that will lower your premiums and also cover the full value of your car.

5. Voluntarily increase your excess

If you’re a low-risk driver, it could make sense to decrease your monthly premiums by increasing your excess. Because you’re not likely to claim frequently, this higher excess won’t really impact you but the lower premiums will.

Even the smallest decrease in premiums adds up to attractive savings. Don’t waste another day or another cent. Compare car insurance offers today>>

The information included in this article is intended to provide information for general purposes only, should not be construed as legal or any other advice on any subject matter and should not be relied upon as such.

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