How To Get the Most Out of Your Car Insurance in 2017

Don’t put your vehicle asset or your finances at risk, make sure you are getting the most out of your car insurance in 2017. The standard car insurance options are usually comprehensive, third-party liability or third-party with fire, natural disaster and theft protection. Your best option is to get comprehensive auto insurance as it gives you the most protection for auto, personal injury and damage claims. Check out these comprehensive car insurance offers to make sure you are getting the insurance you need.


There are extra car insurance benefits you should be getting in 2017. Ask yourself these questions to see if you’re getting the most out of your car insurance:

Does your car insurance plan cover agency repair?

Standard insurance plans generally provide garage repair but you could be getting agency repair, which means that your insurance covers repair by the manufacturer’s workshop.

Does your insurance company give you roadside assistance?

Imagine getting stuck on the side of the road only to realize you don’t have roadside assistance cover. Don’t wait until you’re stranded. Choose car insurance that provides roadside assistance.

Is car hire included?

Whenever your car is in for repair or otherwise unavailable, make sure that you’re not stuck without a vehicle. Car insurance plans often include car hire for such instances.

Do you have GCC cover or other cross-border cover?

If you live in the GCC and travel frequently, it’s advisable to get car insurance that will cover you across the borders.

Do you have off-road cover?

If you have a 4×4 make sure that you’re covered for off-road travel.
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