3 Credit Card Rewards You Should Be Getting Right Now

Credit cards are no longer just about paying bills. Credit card companies offer very attractive rewards and you can choose a credit card to suit your lifestyle, based on the rewards you’ll receive.

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These are the 3 credit card rewards you should be getting right now:


  • Get money back based on how much you spend on your credit card
  • Often percentage-based so the more you spend, the more you will get back
  • Different credit cards offer different ways of earning cash back
  • You can get rewards for specific purchases or for purchases made in specific locations
  • Cashback rewards can be redeemed for statement credits or gift cards

Some examples are cards that give you cashback for shopping, dining and education spending. Certain cards also offer different rewards for local and international spending. Cashback is the most popular type of credit card reward.


  • Earn points based on your spending
  • The number of points you earn depends on the credit card
  • Different credit cards offer different ways to earn points
  • Points can be redeemed for different rewards at specific retailers

Depending on the credit card, you can earn flyer miles. This is one of the most popular types of points reward. Once you earn enough miles, you can redeem them for complimentary flights and upgrades. If you’re a frequent flyer, we recommend that you choose a miles rewards card.

Points can also be redeemed for hotel stays, shopping vouchers, electronics and more. Some cards offer flat-rate rewards whereby you earn the same number of points for all purchases, while others offer extra points for certain purchases, such as gas, online shopping and grocery spends.

Discounts, Offers & Special Privileges

  • Certain credit cards offer special discounts, offers and privileges to cardholders
  • Discounts can apply to dining, travel, entertainment, premium shopping and more
  • Discounts, offers and privileges can be used at specific retailers
  • Your rewards credit card could also get you exclusive access to selected airport lounges
  • Buy one get one free offers from certain credit cards

Are you getting the credit card rewards you deserve? Chances are you’re missing out on cash, points and discounts. Each time you spend on your current credit card, you’re losing out on possible rewards. Check out your credit card options right now and get the right credit card with the best rewards to suit your lifestyle.

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