5 Reasons Vacation Time is Good for your Health and Productivity

Taking a vacation is one of the best things you can do for your health and productivity.

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These are the key benefits of taking a vacation:

1. Reduces Stress

A study by the American Psychological Association showed that when you take a vacation you decrease your stress levels as you get a break from environments and activities that you consider stressful. Even better news is that this effect outlasts the vacation – you can remain relaxed long after your return to real life!

Not only will a vacation help your mind relax, you are also likely to experience physical relaxation and an alleviation of stress-related physical ailments, including migraines and muscular aches.


2. Decreases your risk of depression

Frequent travel improves your overall mood and decreases your risk of depression. You are likely to return rejuvenated and in a more positive mind-frame, which will translate to improved productivity, health and happiness. Marshfield Clinic conducted a study of women, which showed that women who went on vacation at least twice per year had a lower chance of being depressed than women who took a vacation once every two years.


3. Increases Productivity

Boston Consulting Group conducted a study which showed that high-level professionals who took vacation time were more productive than those who didn’t. Another study showed that employees who travel frequently are less likely to resign from their jobs and also earn higher annual performance ratings. Research by the University of California at Irvine proved that brains don’t have a reserve energy pool and need to be frequently reset in order to improve mental power.


4. Prevents Heart Disease

Multiple studies have shown that taking a vacation can decrease your risk of heart disease. A study conducted by The Journal of the American Medical Association entitled Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial: Risk Factor Changes and Mortality Results showed that men who consistently take an annual vacation have a 32% lower chance of suffering from heart disease than men who don’t take frequent vacations. Similar statistics apply to women.


5. Improves Sleep Patterns

When you don’t take a break, you are likely to suffer from interrupted sleep and possibly even insomnia. Without a vacation our brains don’t get a chance to switch off and reset. Aside from the fact that our minds are overactive when we are in our day-to-day routine, bad habits like working on a computer right before bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns even further.

A bad night’s sleep can negatively affect your memory, focus and level of alertness. Studies show that vacations can reduce stress levels, thereby making it easier for you to fall and stay asleep at night. When you are on vacation you are also less likely to engage in those bad bedtime habits that cause restless nights, such as working late at night.

It has also been shown that shorter, more frequent vacations could be more beneficial than one extended vacation taken less often.


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