How Traders Made Over 150% ROI on Stocks in 2016

By the end of 2016, the stock market had soared beyond all expectations. Traders who held out until the close of the year yielded exceptional returns, and millions of traders earned over 150% Return on Investment (ROI) on their stocks.


This goes to show that trading stocks wisely has potential to yield exceptional passive income profits. If stock market volatility discourages you from investing in stocks, bear in mind the real potential for high returns. You can balance the risk by diversifying your portfolio.

The stock market began rallying since the moment of Trump’s victory, amid predictions of renewed spending on infrastructure. According to, three of the top-performing Fortune 500 stocks in 2016 were steel companies. Other top performing stocks were those of healthcare and financial companies. Check out these exclusive trading opportunities.

Traders who invested in the following Fortune 500 companies in 2016 made over 150% ROI:

1. AK Steel Holding (NYSE: AKS)

Return in 2016: 359%

Iron ore and steel prices were at an all-time low in the early months of 2016 but recovered nicely thanks to continued cost cuts and increased prices. After Trump’s November victory, AK Steel’s stock prices surged, yielding high returns for investors. The year closed with the stock at a 359% return! Check out your trading opportunities.

2.United States Steel (NYSE: X)

Return in 2016: 332%

Traders holding United States Steel stock in 2016 were in a good position by the end of the year. The stock jumped following the increase in steel prices last year and surged even more after Trump was elected President, with the final 2016 return being 332%!

3. Navistar International (NYSE: NAV)

Return in 2016: 236%

After weathering a rough 2015, Navistar International experienced a stock rally in 2016. Towards the end of last year, Volkswagen and Navistar announced a deal in which VW would get a 16.6% stake in the US truck-making company. In one day, Navistar’s shares jumped 41%, giving shareholders huge profits in a short space of time.

Trading stocks has huge profit-earning potential. It is important to trade wisely and responsibly and to diversify your portfolio.

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