5 Luxury Travel Trends Not To Miss in 2017

Even if you’ve traveled the world, chances are that you’ve never experienced the latest jet-set trends of 2017. These new luxury travel options open up a whole new world to those who can afford it. If you are looking for the next best destination and vacation to experience, then you will find what you are looking for. This is how the rich and famous are vacationing in 2017, don’t be the last to get in on the trend. Check out your exclusive travel opportunities now!

According to Forbes, these luxury travel trends should be on your bucket list for 2017:

1. Relax on a European Island

This year, luxury travelers are steering away from cliched, crowded tourist destinations. The Mediterranean is dotted with unspoiled, exclusive islets and classy travelers are vacationing at these elite European destinations. Some of the most exquisite islets are:

Italy’s Pantelleria – Nestled between Tunisia and Sicily, this gem of an island is not to be missed. Giorgio Armani, the king of style, appreciates its beauty and owns a home on Pantelleria.
Naxos in Greece – Another unspoiled dream destination, Naxos is a haven for culinary tourists. You will savor its garden markets and a huge variety of local cheeses.

These are just two unique, exclusive destinations not to be missed in 2017.


2. Explore the Polar Regions

Polar travel is no longer limited to scientists and explorers. Worldwide Director of J.Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group listed Polar Travel as the foremost destination for travelers in 2017.

The North and South Polar regions are becoming more accessible to those who can afford the experience and offer extraordinary landscapes and adventures. This is the ultimate in luxury travel.

The Crystal Serenity cruise liner of Crystal Cruises made history in September 2016 when it voyaged from the Pacific to Atlantic via the Northwest Passage, giving passengers the most picturesque, incredible experience of the Arctic. This maiden voyage opens the gates to future unparalleled luxury cruising adventures.

At the Southernmost region of the Earth, the Antarctic, similar travel opportunities await. The White Desert camp in Antarctica has reached a new level of luxury with the most sumptuous amenities imaginable in the most beautiful place on Earth.


3. Experience Edible Resorts

Luxury travel is no longer about opulence. It’s about self-fulfilment. Affluent travelers want more than a luxury suite, they want to create incredible, memorable experiences that they can talk about for years to come.

Imagine hand-picking your own orange from the tree overhanging your balcony, then strolling through a beautiful, edible garden and eating whatever you like. Luxury hotels have been strategically built within vineyards, olive groves, and surrounded by edible flower beds.


4. Stay in Minimalist Luxury Hotels

Simplicity is the buzzword in 2017 luxury travel. Luxury hotels are decluttering and becoming minimalist, while emphasizing high-quality and comfort. The focus is on pampering, soothing and providing guests with what they value the most – a massive, comfortable bed, quality linens and smart technology. Hotel restaurants are fine-tuning their menus, offering an excellent variety of high-quality gourmet food and beverages.


5. Define your Own Luxury

Luxury travel in 2017 is all about personalization – giving valued customers what they want when they want it. Luxury is personal – what is considered a luxurious experience to you may not be luxurious to another. High-end travelers are veering away from pre-packaged vacations in favor of tailor-made experiences.


Whether it’s making your own wine or choosing your own room fragrance in your hotel, you can enjoy a specialized, customized vacation anywhere in the world. Luxury travel agencies specialize in creating unique, tailored itineraries so you will find it easy to experience the vacation of your dreams.

If you’re a person who loves to travel or if you simply need a break, then these extraordinary travel opportunities could be just what you need this year.

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